Friday, November 21, 2008

My Second Flogaversary!

Hello darlings! This is my second Flogaversary, as it was two years ago today that I posted my first flogging here at The Morehead The Merrier. It was a different world then: Dubya was still firmly seated in power, halfway through his second term. Hilary thought she would be the next president. People still thought NBC's Heroes was an exciting TV show. The name "Heath Ledger" didn't make you want to cry. We all thought Ben Linus was the most evil person on LOST. And no one had ever heard of Sarah Palin.

I'd like to thank a few folks: The always-hilarious actress Jane Morris, who suggested I try flogging in the first place.

This is Jane and her husband, Jeff Michalski, doing a comedy sketch at Second City. Jane has been seen on such shows as The Drew Carey Show, Grey's Anatomy, 3rd Rock From the Sun, His & Hers, Freeks & Geeks, Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, pretty much any series with an ampersand, and will be seen shortly in an upcoming episode of 10 Items or Less. She has been in every movie Garry Marshall has directed since Nothing in Common over 20 years ago. Look for her particularly as Nedda in Frankie & Johnny where she steals the film away from Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and Nathan Lane. (I remember her comment about Al Pacino when they were shooting the movie: "They're paying him $7,000,000. For that money, you'd think he could learn his lines.")

That's Jane and Little Dougie at Second City back in 1987, preparing a sketch.

Next on my Thank You List is gorgeous Glen Hanson. Glen is a wonderful artist, and did my official portraits, like the one at the top of this column, and in my avatar, and that pops up in so many permutations in the various pictures that have adorned this flog for two years, with Glen's generous permission.

That's Little Glen. Isn't he a hottie? Talent and beauty, that's the combo that made me a star, and it's made him one too.

That's Glen with Little Dougie at a book signing for My Lush Life. I mention Dougie is in the picture because most people find him invisible standing next to Glen. Here's a self-portrait of Glen. Even he notices how adorable he is.

So for loads of visual delight and artistic wit, visit Glen's website: Glen

Next on my Thank You List is Little Kent Levine, whose support and promotion of this site over on his flog, By Ken Levine, has sent many eyes this way. Here's Kent and I out engaged in some activity involving labor relations. Since we're doing it in public, I guess it's public relations, which is ironic, given that Little Dougie once barely escaped being arrested for "Public Relations". Fortunately, that night the only full moon was Dougie's, and his isn't reflective.

Rather than blather on today, I thought I'd just give links to some of my best posts over the last two years, so click and laugh darlings.


From Thanksgiving two years ago: Gratitude Imparting Day

Tomorrow is the birthday of my 4th husband, Boris Karloff. Revisit the tale of our marriage in my recent posting: Happy Halloween

I created a new Christmas classic in this Yuletide posting: The Passion of the Elf

The first of my Oscarcast reviews was never to be forgotten, which is more than you can say for the winners. (Quick, without looking, who won the Oscars two years ago?) The O Word.

The release of Walt Disney's version of Peter Pan inspired this tale of my performances as Captain Hook opposite Ethel Merman and Carol Channing - IN THE ROUND! My Peter Panned.

The publication of The Children of Húrin by J. R. R. Tolkien occasioned this unusual book review. Tolkien Resistance.

And that led immediately to an amazing revelation of the previously-concealed gender of one of Disney's 7 Dwarfs in Feeling Grumpy.

And the Tolkien theme climaxed in this black comic posting. ...And Fancy Free.

A visit to America by my dear friend Martine Beswicke inspired this tribute to another great star: The Second Most Glamorous Star on Earth.

Has a weirder review of a Sondheim musical ever been written than my Harry Razorhands?

If they are going to keep on giving out Oscars, I'm going to keep reviewing them: The Scariest Oscars.

I review the Tony Awards too. Tony Jerkins.

Back before the Mormon Church decided to wipe their asses with The First Amendment and make Gay Marriage illegal in California, I attended the wedding of Batman & Robin, as chronicled in Wedding Bells in Gotham.

The Summer Olympics of 2008 brought out many amazing and/or inspiring stories. This was one of the most inspiring, only NBC couldn't be bothered to tell it, so I did. A Tale of Two Divers.

Well that's more than enough to keep you reading all weekend. Enjoy darlings. And Cheers.


Hermite said...

Cheers!! Clink, clink, drinks all around. Congrats and thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom, not to mention all the tails, I mean tales of glamor and behind-the-scenes intrigue of grand old Hollywood. The gift of laughter is a great gift, indeed.

Tallulah Morehead said...

Your welcome darling. And happy Boris Karloff's (And Harpo Marx's) birthday.


Hermite said...

I've been getting caught up here, reading the links to your "greatest hits." Just read the post about Tolkien, which was wonderfully funny, but that first comment from Frodo made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. Didn't he go on to get a job at the phone bank for Palin? You know, seemingly living in that alternate reality and all.

Cheers, and thanks, still laughing...

Kirk Jusko said...

Boris Karloff and Harpo Marx shared a birthday? Really?

Did Harpo ever chase Elsa Lanchester?