Sunday, January 27, 2013

Comments Policy Change.

I HATE being strict! I'm usually "Miss Take-Liberties."

I have had to disallow anonymous comments on my comments pages. Some anonymous coward has taken to leaving gratuitous, and worse, inaccurate, insults and not signing them.

This coward criticized Little Dougie's hair, accusing him of having a Donald Trump combover. This is absurd. Dougie is not the best  looking he's ever been at his advanced and dessicated age, but the one thing he still has is all of his actual hair. This is like criticizing President Obama for being "a fat ugly woman." There are plenty of instultable targets on Little Dougie, but his hair is just not among them. The insulter was far more on target when he opened with calling him an "OLD queer hipster." Well, he IS old, 62 to be precise, and he is homosexual, though proudly. It's not actually something he's ashamed of. But "hipster"? What? Is he Maynard G. Krebs? A genuine hipster would laugh in Anonymous Coward's face. Actually, the fact that Anonymous Coward actually used the word "hipster" shows that he or she (But I'll bet it's a "he") is pretty friggin' ancient his or herself. But when you use "queer" as an insult, all you're showing is that you're a homophobic bigot, and you have won the Low Ground. Well, we've established that Anonymous Coward is an elderly homophobic, ageist, hairist, bigot and coward. Little Dougie is stung to the quick.)

So I'm sorry, but anonymous posting is no langer allowed. If you want to leave a comment and don't have a Blogspot account, you'll have to open one. They're free, and you are not requried to start your own blog to have one, but no more anonymous cowards spewing insults from behind their chickenshit anonymity. Sign your insults or fuck off, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Cheers, darlings.

A recent shot of Little Dougie. The hair is real.

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