Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Raves Keep Pouring In.

Sherlock Costello and Dr. Abbot detect a great read.

Yet another 5-star review of my new book has appeared on its Amazon page, this time by longtime Tallulah devotee, Tim Constant, who is obviously a man of taste and distinction.

5.0 out of 5 stars.
"Notes on a 'Nearly Living Legend' or Vodka and Vitriol

By Timothy L. Constant

TALLYHO TALLULAH! By Douglas McEwan is, without question, the funniest book I have ever read - but more, it is social satire of the highest stripe; a vat of sulfuric acid thrown in the face of a mendacious, hypocritical, intellectually lazy, society. The main character, Tallulah Morehead, is a Teabagger's worst nightmare. She is a one-hundred-and-fifteen-year-old B movie star who knows where all the bodies are buried, and who lives completely without morality or restraint. I love her. She is who I wanted to be when I grew up and whenever she speaks, I suddenly hear the voice in my own head saying all the things that I would say out loud if I wasn't afraid of Crucifixion.  

Now that's criticism! Thanks, Tim. Cheers, darling.

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