Monday, December 3, 2012

Fan Male, Not From a Flounder.

Barry skipped out early from his election victory party for the more-important publication party for Tallyho, Tallulah!

This Reader Review, apparently written by a man of taste and perception (Though he seems to think that Little Dougie dreams up my adventures. I'd assure you this "novel" is true except I don't remember these events happening, but they're, you know, true-ish), has appeared on the page for the ebook of Tallyho, Tallulah! Enjoy, and thank you, Mr. Petretti.

5.0 out of 5 stars Tallulah's Back! November 24, 2012

By Robert Petretti


"Tallyho, Tallulah" is the second of Douglas McEwan's books to feature the irrepressibly hilarious movie "legend" Tallulah Morehead. Although the vodka-marinated Morehead had claimed in her autobiography, "My Lush Life" that she had no recollection of the 1970s, the timely discovery of her lost journal from the summer of 1974 documents that she was indeed on the move during at least part of that fashion-deprived decade - even if she wasn't totally conscious at the time. "Tallyho, Tallulah" chronicles the further adventures of this sloshed Old Hollywood siren as she descends on the unsuspecting California community of Alta Caca to claim her rightful place as THE star of that town's summer stock production of "BJ!" (a musical based on "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?") Between stage rehearsals with an obnoxious co-diva, teaching an "actor's workshop", and engaging in near-constant sex with hot young hunks, Tallulah wields her rapier wit to make mincemeat out of an assortment of Alta Caca's fools, hypocrites, and phonies - emerging triumphant from every encounter as only a TRUE star can. Those lucky enough to be tolerated - even liked - by this self-proclaimed enchantress soon find their lives turned every which way but routine - and (almost) always for the better. Blackmail, murder, forbidden love, one-way mirrors and an undiscovered Native American tribe are among the mysteries and intrigues pervading Alta Caca - until Tallulah arrives to act as catalyst for a summer no one would soon forget (except Tallulah).

"My Lush Life" was so rich with exploits that its readers might think Morehead had said it all; what a delight that McEwan has mined a new story that stands completely on its own. There are terrific laughs throughout - among my favorites is the kicking scene in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" reimagined as a choreographed musical number - and the author keeps the action moving at a brisk pace while presenting us with a number of comic characters.

If you relish intelligent, campy humor laced with a healthy dose of raunchiness, you'll thoroughly enjoy Douglas McEwan's "Tallyho, Tallulah". And if you haven't yet read "My Lush Life", pick that up too for a double treat.  

That was wholly unsolicited, which is why the judge had to drop all charges - again!   Cheers darlings

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