Saturday, February 16, 2008

Natal Felicitations Barry Humphries

Here's a lazy posting for you. February 17 is Barry Humphries's 74th birthday. I wrote a long, lushly illustrated piece on his birthday last year. You can access it by clicking on this link: A Barry Happy Birthday. Barry has had a rough 2008 so far, having to cancel his American tour which would have been going on right now. This is sad for Barry, and tragic for America, which, after 7 years of the Bush-Cheney Administration, has had enough tragedy for any country. Lighten up!

Barry had an emergency appendectomy on December 30th, and then had a severe case of peritonitis which came close to killing him, and required additional surgery to save his life. Little Douglas had an email from Barry a couple weeks ago, which said in part: "
I am now out of hospital after a horrible time and look forward to a healthy year ahead. We have had to reschedule the short tour that i had planned, but it will happen." So, as you can see, we all have reason to hope.

So everyone, have a gladdie and a slice of cake, and celebrate Barry Humphries's birthday. He's a World Treasure. Let's celebrate him while we can.

My postings will be light this month, as I am busy helping Little Douglas with a new book. This one
IS about ME, so unlike his current boring tome, The Q Guide to Classic Monster Movies, available in stores and online now, or by just clicking on the link, this one will be worth reading. In any event, I will be here next week with my review of the paltry Oscars. Don't miss it.

Cheers darlings.

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