Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Seperated at Death?

The Staceys?

One of those persons in the image above is 2007 American Idol Loser Phil Stacey, but can you tell which one? Neither can I. Here are the name choices. Match the numbers of the performers with the letters on their images. I'll post the correct answers when I get around to it.

1. Max Shreck.

2. Reggie Nalder.

3.Phil Stacey.

4. Willem Dafoe.

5. Klaus Kinski.

Jon Bon Jovi Night was okay on American Idol, at least there was a sexually attractive man on the show again, for the first time since Brandon Rogers was stupidly eliminated. Sure, Little Blake and Little Chris are kind of cute, but they are boys, not Men. But think how much better the show could have been if they'd been singing songs by good song writers. Jon Bon Jovi may be more sexually attractive than John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, and Bob Dylan combined, but those geniuses wouldn't wipe their asses with Bon Jovi lyrics.

It was nice of LaKisha to give Jesus a night off. He is the Hardest-Working Dead Jew in God Business. He ought to get at least one week in every seven off. And wasn't it generous and supportive of eliminated contestant Antonela Barbarwhora to loan LaKisha one of her outfits to wear last night, even if she should have at least let it out a bit? That was ten gallons of vodka in a one-pint bottle. But we must be kind to LaKisha this week. She got kissed by Simon. She's suffered enough.

Little Blake amusingly simulated the sound of putting a needle on a worn vinyl record to start off his performance of a song written after the last Vinyl Tree had long since been made into a record. The children young enough to think he's hot and/or "Up-to-date" must have wondered what the hell he was doing. Vinyl? Record needles? What the Hell are they? Records are small, made of plastic, and "Record Needles" are lasers.

However, I must protest the producers having allowed eliminated, talent-free, National Joke Sanjaya Maladroit to go on again, in drag, and calling himself Jordin. It will take more than a pair of fake tits to fool me again.

I certainly hope that when the voting results are revealed in a very few hours, we will learn that that George Bush creature (Speaking of National Jokes) who went last is eliminated. What a talentless loser he is. The man makes Sanjaya look good.

On another note, the great Tom Poston passed away this week. They don't make comedy character actors better or funnier than Tom Poston, who made people laugh regularly for over 50 years. I just had the pleasure of meeting Tom once, and I didn't get the [w]hole pleasure that Suzanne was hogging all to herself, that selfish bitch! Studs like Tom are for sharing. I'm glad those seagulls gave her what-for back in Bodega Bay!

Watching Tom Poston tape a TV sit-com live was a genuine trip into Comedy Heaven. I watched Tom tape an episode of Murphy Brown once. (CBS begged me to come out of retirement and play Murphy, but I said no. Little Candy needed the work.) On almost every take, he would spontaneously invent some wildly funny ad-lib, and they would reshoot the scene with his new lines retained. (They had to reshoot because whenever Tom ad-libbed something, Candy was on the floor with hysterics.) Tom contributed so many laugh lines, he should have been credited as a writer on the episode.

Tom Poston. what a great, funny man. How outrageous that some fool named that coffee-substitute swill for him. He was the real thing.

Cheers darlings.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad those seagulls gave her what-for back in Bodega Bay!

Oh. My. God.


Tallulah Morehead said...

Nikki darling,

Your spiritual devotion is lovely and all, but this is a secular flog, and is not really an appropriate place to express your religious devotion to that Most Popular of all fictional characters, and I speak as an Honorary Fictional Character myself.

Cheers darling.