Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Survivor is pre-empted this week for something called "basketball." Frankly, if a basket only has a ball, and not balls, it's insufficently equipped to hold my unwavering attention.

Anyway, since Survivor is not on this week, I will not be recapping it. I know. "How are we expected to get through the week?" It's always you, my fan, who suffers the most.

Meanwhile, you can reread my previous posts and get all caught up. Here's the latest:

The show returns next week for a special Wednesday night edition, of previously unaired clips, looking back at these last five weeks as though we were remembering the 1960s. "Remember the first time you realized that Ex-Coach is a tool? Boy, those were the days. Seems like only last month."

Cheers, darlings.

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