Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sappy Anniversary

Darlings, I have sad news. I've had a flog-related catastrophe. A few days ago I spilled an entire fifth of vodka into my computer. Disaster! ALL the vodka was LOST!

Oh, and my computer was ruined also. After drinking two more fifths to mourn my loss, I went with Little Douglas to something called a "Public Library" to post this quick flogging on a free computer, as tomorrow, the 21st, is the 1st anniversary of this flog. It's been one year, and 81 brilliant postings. I hope you enjoyed them, and will enjoy another year of them.

For an inspiring Thanksgiving message, please click on Gratitude Imparting Day to enjoy my Thanksgiving message of last year. I'd update it, but the librarian is having a fit about my dictating this to Dougie while kids around him are doing their homework, i.e., gaming. I offered to share my vodka with the kids, but this just made Maid Marion the Librarian even angrier. She's obviously insane.

Hopefully, I'll have more vodka, and a running computer, to post new pieces with, soon. Until then:

Cheers darlings

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