Thursday, March 22, 2007

My First Mistake

When you're nearly 110, you make the rare error. I made one in my earlier post, Betty Hutton Makes Her Heave. I said there that Betty Hutton's tale of an immoral tail, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, was directed by Preston Sturgeon, the man who wrote & directed such classic wartime comedies as Ed Sullivan's Travels, The Great McMuffin, Ramadan in April, and my own classic transvestite farce The Lady Steve. Oops.

Roger Ebert, who apparently has nothing better to do while he recuperates, struggled out of his sick bed to call me and berate my error, pointing out that Miss Hutton's tragic "Comedy", in which a poor single mother of five, the daughter of Uncle Charlie, ends up married to Eddie Bracken (Could there be a worse fate?), was written & directed by some obscure hack named Preston Sturgis, like I give a rat's ass. Stick a thumb in it, Rog. I haven't forgotten your review of my directorial debut, The Carpetmunchers. ("It reminds me of entertainment, but not often.")

The movie I was thinking of, that my divine director and friend, comedy genius Preston Sturgeon, wrote & directed, the stunning story of Morgan Kockenlicker, the first gay man to get pregnant via butt-fun, was titled The Miracle of Morgan's Crack. Now that was a great movie, unlike the crap excreted by this Sturgis hack. I believe Ebert gave his Thumb Up Morgan's Crack, maybe both, though that would have been quite a stretch. It stars Betty Hussy, Justin Thyme, Sabu, Olivia DeHeffalump, irascible character actor Wally Damitall, who was in all of Preston's movies (Guess why.), and Harry Rumpole as Morgan. Netflix it today.

I should have known something was fishy about this Sturgis.

Cheers darlings.

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